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When a household name in Japan for 100+ years meets the rest of the world, it’s no surprise we’ve heard people call us some crazy things. But we’re not offended because what matters most is how people feel after tasting our food! This ad campaign introduces our brand by shining a light on our biggest barrier, our name...because ultimately we believe good food can transcend all barriers.

Client: Ajinomoto
Agency: Left Off Madison
Production: TheHAU5
Director: Daniel Zambrano / Alexander McMichael
Producer: Sean Perry
Production Coordinator: Fernando P. de Castro
Production Assistant / Driver: Colby Ammerman
Production Assistant: Greg Zatzkis
Director of Photography: Andrew Barrera
1st Assistant Camera: James Lamberg
2nd Assistant Camera: Tom Van Scoyoc
Sound: Matt Leibowitz
Gaffer: Montgomery K. Vidor
Grip: Max Garstak
Swing: Alex Brown
Stylist: Vincent Smith
Styling Assistant: Nzinga Watts-Harper
Makeup Artist: Shyanna Lundi
Makeup Artist: Christopher Trotman
Makeup Artist: Samantha Ashley
Hair Stylist: Marvin Tarver
Hair Stylist: Lurissa Lawson
Set Designer / Props: Katrina Rozeville
Set Design Assistant 1: Emily Ramirez
Set Design Assistant 2: Zach Molina
Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm
Assistant Food Stylist: Anna Edqwist
Photographer: Adrian Mueller
Digital Imaging Technician / Data Wrangler: Ryan "Superman" Liu
Chika: Rebecca Rose White
Bud: Kyle Price
Jojo: Jeremiah Floyd
Kai: Journey Wilson
David: Micah Deverger
Mike: Cedric Stout
Kim: Ashley Nicholas
Sara: Cassidy Steinhilber
Darius: Daniel Ayoola
Toki: Clae Lu
Editor: Peter Wagner
Music and Audio Mix: Diego Cáceres
Voice Over Artist: Jade Zaroff
Color grade: Nataly Yepes
VFX / Animation: Omar Galvis
Storyboard: Diego Perez


Ad Agency
Left Off Madison


Film Director